Even as a young man, Joseph Macapagal, president and CEO of Arkitep, has immersed himself extensively in people and Filipino culture. He understood that our rich history has molded the society for what it is today. Design has a way of communicating how life was in the past and drives our present and future. However, that fire of this artistry is quickly dying at such a time as this, where people would choose superficiality over substance and quality in a heartbeat, even to the point of forgetting the value of workmanship and destroying the environment.


Keeping these to heart, a question further consumed him: What can I do to shape the future and impact my generation? For him, the answer is through architecture.


He then founded Arkitep. At first, working as a one-man-team who had dreams and ideas bigger than himself, creating timeless pieces that will pique the millennials’ interests. He provided a range of solutions from residential to commercial designs; office interiors and retail spaces; and education and healthcare facilities.


Not long after, Arkitep’s roster of clients steadily grew as well as the services it provides. In 2014, Arkitep expanded from design service to design and build services. This ensures that the concepts that were masterfully created from the drawing board will be executed well.


Realizing that he needs a team for his vision to materialize, he searched for people with great potential. Individuals who are passionate in what they do, who understands that the beauty of creation is in the process of creating it, and most importantly, those who believe in the cause to bring the time-tested principles of architecture and design while combining it with today’s innovation.


Today, Arkitep continues to be a group of synergistic people who work with their heart in their hands, knowing that how much passion they put in the process defines the outcome. They build not for themselves but for the community--adding value to their quality of life and bringing out the ingenuity of the Philippine culture to further promote the country’s global competitiveness, for the future generation to discover its beauty, and reinforce an enlightened nationalism.


"Adding value to creations with responsive design solutions."


Design Excellence

We believe that design has the power to influence the quality of life.


Value-Added Service

We make sure that through identifying and selecting the best project management and construction options that fit each client's personality and capacity, we continue to cultivate our role as stewards of the construction process so that our clients can focus on their building objectives.


Creative Collaboration

We give importance to the design discipline integrating co-creative process with clients, consultants and contractors.



We hold our reputation on trust, respect, and price competitiveness integrating honest financial transaction and transparency in our design and project management work.



The careful, collaborative and lasting design of a building has the ability to impact the quality of life for those who use it. ARKITEP Design Solutions Inc. is dedicated to creating tasteful and responsive spaces that go beyond standard building experience.

Operating at the progressive edges of our profession, we stop, look and listen to the client’s specific circumstances and provide solutions. Our actions encompass collaborative process of the client, architects, task and place. Service and quality are the ultimate measure of value.

Behind every house, every enterprise, every building, every blueprint is a home maker, a dreamer, a visionary, a creator. We embrace them not as ordinary design projects but as someone's life work We produce topnotch designs on schedule and on budget, turning vision into reality.

As God's creation, we put our worker's lives in top priority by practicing safety measures and observing office and site culture that uplifts one's dignity, giving them proper training and exposing them to learning opportunities. This added value employee treatment resonates in taking pride in what they create, regardless of their roles in a project, honoring their work with excellence.

Given to us as a habitat, we hope to take care of the environment by committing to sustainable designing and gradually practicing green building starting on the local scale with confidence to expand and meet global standards in the near future.



187 Alley 1, Project 6, Quezon City, PH

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